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white quilt with red stitching
breck quilt set styled with dark blue accents
breck quilt set styled with floral accents
breck quilt set

Breck Quilt

carol & frank

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What's red and white and stitched all over? That’s right - the Breck collection! Bold tomato red is hand-stitched on soft white cotton voile to give Breck a homespun all-American feel that reminds us of that super-cozy quilt that Mom pulls out of the vintage trunk whenever we visit. Breck lets you keep your favorite space stylishly minimalist with its contemporary geometric pattern, or lets you layer your favorite pieces on this neutral white foundation for a bold new look. With bedding like this, the possibilities are endless!

At carol & frank we believe different is beautiful! Each piece in the Breck collection is individually crafted and stitched by hand with quality materials, which means no two are exactly alike. Color variations and slight irregularities in pattern are not mistakes, but part of what makes this collection unique. Congratulations, you'll soon be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

the low-down:

  • hand-stitched, homemade feel
  • you don’t have to ask Mom to “borrow” her cozy quilts any more
  • puts the “stripes” in “stars and stripes” for a patriotic option

keep it up:

  • 100% cotton voile
  • machine wash, cold water
  • air dry or tumble dry on low



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