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At carol & frank, rescued is definitely our favorite breed. We are enthusiastic community members and animal lovers, which is why we are always looking to help animals find their forever homes and help people find their new best friends. And is there any friend quite as wonderful as a furry, feathered, barking, meowing, snuggling, sassy one? In fact, we love animals so much that we created the chic & charitable initiative.


Our Models

Our Initiative:

Our chic & charitable initiative supports our hometown shelter, the Peninsula SPCA, through event sponsorship, donations, and volunteer efforts. We also feature adoptable pets in our style books and are proud to say that 100% of the furry models featured since 2018 have been adopted into loving forever homes. Our initiative is about more than getting to play with puppies and kittens during our photoshoots (though that is an added bonus). The chic & charitable program supports the PSPCA’s adoption efforts, raises awareness in the community, and increases education about humane treatment of animals.

Because we believe every adorable, playful, mischievous, loving, and paw-fect pet deserves a good home, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of pet scarves is donated to our hometown shelter. Don’t forget that there’s more than one way to make a difference; you can learn more or donate directly to the Peninsula SPCA here. Let’s help all our furry models and their friends find their forever homes.





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