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Our Story

At carol & frank, we’ve always believed in bringing fresh, spirited style to your space and in having fun with home fashion. carol & frank officially began its journey in January 2017, but our story begins long before, with C&F Enterprises. For over 40 years, C&F Enterprises has been dedicated to creating innovative designs, providing quality products, and giving back to the community. carol & frank emerged as a natural extension of C&F’s core values, with a burst of vitality and fearless new looks for the modern shopper.

Our journey begins in our hometown of Newport News, Virginia, where we found inspiration for some of our favorite original pieces and our hometown shelter the Peninsula SPCA. At carol & frank we are learning enthusiasts, volunteers, members of the community, and animal lovers. You can see why partnering with our local SPCA was a match made in heaven. We are proud to support our local animal shelter as a community partner with our chic & charitable initiative. We love the rescue lifestyle, and we love working with the top modeling talent around: adoptable pets.

After exploring our own backyard, we decided to pack our bags and head out on an epic cross-country road trip in search of fresh inspiration. Whenever we stop to stretch our legs, we take a look around at the local hot spots, colors, trends, and styles and incorporate them into our next collection.

We love bringing local flair to our pieces, but we also love to think big. We are proud to work with artisans from around the globe to bring you handcrafted details and enduring quality. In addition, we strive to use sustainable dyes so we can leave an impact on your home style, and not on the environment.

We’re always looking for our next adventure in style, and for ways contribute to our hometown community. And no matter where our travels take us, we’ll always have exciting new stories for our friends back home.





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