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white quilt with blue stitching
hilton quilt
hilton quilt
hilton quilt with yellow stitching
hilton quilt set with yellow stitching

Hilton Ochre Quilt

carol & frank

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Let your style soar to new heights with Hilton Sky. Rows of dreamy loftiness accented by neat lines of X's give your bed a fun textured look and feel that is unlike any other. Hilton is the perfect companion for an afternoon of peaceful cloud gazing, but why stop there? Layer on your favorite blankets and accents to create a personal dream destination that is totally social media worthy. Go ahead, do it for the 'Gram (and the stylish comfort!)

the low-down:

  • fluffy fill between rows of stitched X's
  • no filter necessary
  • #stylin'

keep it up:

  • 100% cotton
  • machine wash, cold water
  • air dry or machine dry on low



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