“Brailles Farm”, Meriden, Warwickshire, England Joseph Rawlins was a Farmer and Viticular at “Brailles” which he rented.
“Church Farm” Home of the Harper Family.
The Harper family were Quakers.
Frances Isabella(nee Harper) his wife Frances Isabella Harper was born December 26, 1799 in Meriden. Her parents were Humphrey Harper and Jane Adams.
Joseph Rawlins
Joseph Rawlins was born July 17, 1803 in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England. He moved to Meriden England, where he married Frances Isabella Harper. He rented the “Brailles Farm”from his inlaw, Richard Harper. Joseph was a Viticular and Publican. While living at Brailles he was a Publican at the "Queens Head",  and later became a Publican at “George In The Tree”.
Philip Perkins Rawlins - his wife Mary (nee Sutton) took over the “Brailles Farm” when His father, Joseph, became a Publican at “George In The Tree”. Philip was a Publican at the "Queens Head" in the 1860's.  Philip died prematurely in 1866. After Philip’s death, Mary married Charles West. She died a year later (1867)
Alan and Betty Taylor Mudd. Carol's 3rd cousins, who live in East Dereham, Norfolk, England. Betty is the daughter of Abraham and Edith Rawlins Taylor.
Alan Mudd Jr., son of Betty and Alan Mudd,  is Carol's 3rd cousin, once removed. Here he is with his Fiancee Tatiana.
Alan Mudd Sr., Amy Catton, Mrs. & Mr. Alan Mudd Jr., Betty Mudd and Lee Mudd Catton
Wedding Day March 15, 2003, Norwich, England
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