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Hello everyone.  We are sisters. Lola and me. I am Plumo and we live in Amsterdam, Holland.  As you can plainly see, we are twins. We eat a like, we meow a like, we sleep a like, we play a like,and we purr a like. The only thing different (you have to look really,really close) is that  Lola is Orange and I am Grey.Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, 
Would you listen to Plumo (to my left)she thinks she is so funny. I mean; it's like humans have never heard a cat joke before!! Our human  LoesSpekman laughs at Plumo only to be polite..Hi I am Beauty  to my right is Boeffie. Boeffie (the man of the house)gets so fustrated with those two he bangs his head on the table. Me, I just go back to sleep.
Can you believe those four up there."The whole world is a stage" and those four think they own it. Hi I am Pemmetje and I have to put up with them every day. I am the only one with any real talent in this house. Just look! "This is my impersonation of Loes sleep - walking". Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, You can ask  Loes who is the best around here.
Hello from South America; Hi everyone my name is Bolinha, and I live in Santos,Brazil. Andrea found me in a closed box as a kitten. How could she notfall in love with a face like mine!! Now I am a well adjusted, very loved cat. Except for this thing I have for ceilings. Here I am making a survey of my home. Andrea has done a wonderful thing."A life saved is a life cherished" You can Thank Andrea too.
Ok Bolinha you can come down now. We know you are up there! Hi everyone We are Preto (left) and Dengosa(right). Andrea is our human too. Andrea also found us on the streets of  Santos many years ago.We are happy. Andrea takes very good care of us. We thank her with purrs and rubs. You can Thank her too. ThankYou Andrea
I think all you ladies out there can relate to this. Hi my name is Kitty. I live in Greenwich, Ohio with my human Elisha. When we have company I have to get dressed up. As you know we must put our best paw forward. I am definitely "The life of the party". If you need a few tips on how to woo the crowd you can e-mail me. Ask for KITTY or Tips on looking great I think Elisha and Crazy should get together.

You can send me a photo in a Self Addressed Stamped 
Envelope(S.A.S.A.), or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in yourcat picture 
      then return the photo. 
Frank Kennedy 
                1153 Washington Mt. Rd. 
               Washington, MA. 01223 
From "around the world" 
 e-mail me a picture of your cat
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