Ok now, I rolled over for you, so now you have to rub my tummy. If you don't this bed cover will look like something the dog draged in. Purrha, Purrha,Purrha. Hi everyone my name is Tigger and I live with Myrna in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
Would you look at this...I have my human Silvia Clara  trained so well that I have my own telephone and clock/radio and a place to sleep all rolled up into one. Hello to all; my name is Mitzi and I live with my human Silvia Clara in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Hi everyone my  name is "Pepper". I live in Milton, Florida.  My human PJ Ellis thinks it is purrfectly  insane to send flowers, but I rule in this house. Let my human know that; I RULE HERE 
"Q-Tip! What was PJ Ellis thinking when he named me Q-Tip?? How bout Snowflake or Marshmellow or powder Puff or Pillow Stuffing or even Talcum. But Nooo, it had to be Q-Tip. You see Pepper over there? That's actually my long lost shadow. See the cat in the monitor, PJ named him Electron. Humans, Can't live with 'em can't live with out 'em".   Q-Tip indeed!

Now pay attention; What I am doing is a new Olympic sport. Hi my name is "Iggy" and this is how the game is played in YARRA JUNCTION, VICTORIA,  AUSTRALIA.  The clock starts when My humans Ron or Monika, tries to grabs the basket, The clock stops when I shred their hands into 'handburger'. The object? How much pain they can endure. Tell Ron or Monika, to submit this game to the Olympic Committee  El  Pronto.
We three masters of the sofa are Tessa, Smokey, and Bluey we are also from YARRA JUNCTION, VICTORIA,  AUSTRALIA. Monika and Ron our humans have color coded the pillows for us. We also have a new Olympic Sport, In this game the clock starts when Ron or Monika try to lie down, the clock stops when we shred their bodies into 'RonMonburger'. The object? How much pain they can endure. Tell Ron or Monika to submit this game to the Olympic Committee  El  Pronto

You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, 
or inclose an International  Coupon.
I will scan in your cat picture
then return the photo. 
Frank Kennedy 
        1153 Washington Mt. Rd. 
     Washington, MA. 01223
 From "around the world" 
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