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HEY! Juvé. First you put me to sleep with Brahm's Lullaby then you wake me up with the "Four Paw Boogie"
I will have to tell our human "Doris" to stop paying for the piano lessons. All you music loving cats out there let Juvé know that 
classical is the only way to paw a piano.
e-mail Juvé
HEY! Alina. You little cry kitten. Everyone here in Suffolk County, England knows that I am the BEST. All the way to Ipswich I hear humans say "Just listen to Juvé,all the money spent on piano lessons has really paid off". Anyway, you wouldn't know a mouse from a loaf of bread". All you Boogie fans out there  let Alina know that a stone has better hearing than she does.
e-mail Alina
I'm only 4 months old and I already know all of my human's  passwords. "Hello I am Sheba". The next time I see that mouse move I'm going for it. Oh, and Julie
not all of the humans in Sarnia,Ontario.
Canada  want to hear
"Cats in The Cradle With a Silver Spoon"
If you want to know Julie's secrets
e-mail Sheba
If you can hear Julie's music where you live 
e-mail Julie 
Would you look at me!  I was born Apr. 29, 2000 and all already I am posing for pictures.Hello, my name is "Kwast" and I am from the birthplace of " Vincent van Gogh"which is as everyone knows, Nuenen, Holland. When I am old enough to have a lover I promise you I will not cut off an ear. You can tell my humanBarend Gehrels that "I am the cats meow" I should also mention that my GGGG Grand Father knew Vincent
Now this is a face to die for!! "Hi everyone, My name is Casanova and as you can see my name matchs my piercing blue eyes and my dashing good looks". "My human Angela is madly in love with me". Now - if there are any ladies (human or cat) out there who want to flirt with me you can come to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or  send me an e-mail. Be sure to ask for Casanova, I will be signing autographs behind the wood pile if you get my drift. "Ok all you cats out there I got my motor running and I am ready to lay down some tracks. "My name is 
Sir Hotrod Freeman, Born on February 11, 1997 and I live in Kirkland, Washington USA. As I was browsing thru some of these cat pictures and I saw
Alina(Top left) my engine missed a stroke. Now theres a cat that can jump start my engine any time!!
 Craig (thats my human) get me a date! If you don't,  I think your sofa will make a REALLY good scratching post!
Let Graig know what I can do to a sofa.

You can send me a photo in a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, or inclose an International Coupon. I will scan in your cat picture then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy 
  1153 Washington Mt. Rd. 
  Washington, MA. 01223 
    From "around the world"e-mail me a picture of your cat

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