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Ok out there in cyber land; My name is "Kiki" 
My human Véronique is trying to tell me that
"Max"(the white  critter next to "Tom")Is a cat.Well if "Max" is a cat Then I am an Ostrich. Help! We are having an identity crises here in Brussels, Belgium. You must inform Véronique,tell her that I am not an Ostrich.
right ckick our picture to enlarge.

As you can see Véronique has gotten me something to sleep on I think I will call him "Nounours" Kiki, "eat your heart out" It looks like I am king around here. Hey Max! Nounours is much softer than you are.
Purrha,Purrha, Purrha.

As a kitten I was a just a stray.Here I am 10 years after a human I named John found me.
Hi everyone my name is "Frisky" and I live in a wonderful home in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs. I shower John with love and affection, it's my way of thanking him. He did a wonderful thing 10 years ago.
You can thank him to

What happened?? I belong with my pal Andre, in Kalkara, Malta. Oh well I'm here and thats what matters. My name is Midnight, If you are thinking that  I am looking for a new meal you are wrong. My human Janet taught these birds to talk now they are teaching me to talk. As you know it would be rude of me to talk with my mouth full of feathers. Purrha,Purrha,Purrha,Purrha.

Hey "Schatzie" If your ego gets any bigger
Your head won't fit in food dish!! I don't think Sarnia, Canada is big enough for the both of us. You see this look I am giving you? I am definetly  the better looking cat. All you cats out there let my human "Pearl"know that I am number 1. Meow in your vote

Well look at me!! Who do you think posed for the sphinx in Egypt. You guessed it ME.
Shana you are just jealous. You can let my human "Pearl" know that it's true. All those who wish to use me as a model, contact me: Ask for Schatzie

From "around the world"
e-mail me a picture of your cat

 You can send me a photo in a 
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope or
International Coupon
I will scan in your cat picture then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy 
1153 Washington Mt. Rd. 
Washington, MA. 01223 

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