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Hi everyone my name is Mandy"
When I asked my pet human "Mary" if I
could have this box, she thought I was
going to use it for something else. HA!!
Mandy and Atticus live in
Jacksonville, Alabama

Hi I am "Atticus" Hey "Mandy"
Sometimes Mandy is so
embarrassing. If you would like to 
comment on Mandy's behavior
E-mail our pet Mary

Hello, My name is "Squirr" and I am from"Singapore" I keep telling my human "Gino" I am the most handsome and sexy cat in the world. Now,  thanks to "Cats from around the world" you can tell him to.
 Let him know right away I am the cats cat

"Will you please stop looking at me like that, I am not going to play horsey with you". Hi everyone my name is Guinness and that cute little pile of fur next to me is Gibson. She came to us from an Animal Care and Control Center in Manhattan, New York City . Our human Bonnie made a good decision. I really like the little pile of fur.

Hello, Hello. You can only guess
how difficult it is to talk without
a mouth let alone eat. Hi I am 
"Hooke" from Kansas City, Kansas
Julia and Tom my humans seem not
to have noticed this condition.
Please let them know
I want my mouth back

About the only thing that really bothers me is that I will get lost in a snow storm. Hi everyone my name is Andre. My human Janet tells me that here in Malta it never snows. I am very glad "This is a picture of me in a snow storm".
(click my picture to enlarge.) You can ask Janetabout this this beautiful island we live on.

Hello to all, my name is Simba and I live in Kalkara, Malta with Andre and my human Janet. You can meet me and the rest of the "FUR GANG" here in Malta.

 From "around the world"
e-mail me a picture of your cat
In the subject box type in "Please post"
Don't forget to include City/Town and State/Country

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