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Hello to all(glug! glug!) you cats out(Glug!) there. My name is(slurp! Slurp!) Tater. My human(Glug! Glug!) Vicki saved me from(Slurp!) a cardboard shredder. Now(Glug!) I am a very hungry(Slurp! Slurp!) but happy kitty in Vicki's lap. We live in Columbia, Missouri. A big hello from Arnold, Maryland. I am Patches and as you can see I have more colors than a rainbow. Debbie, my human says, " I am purrfectly color coordinated"
Awww!!!!! We are just to cute. Hi to all, we are Teddy(left) and Willow. Here we are resting after jumping all over our human's computer keyboard while it was on. Judy our human didn't think that was to cute! Purrha, purrha, purrha. We live in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Hey!! I am sleeping but if you really want to know, my name is Peanuts and I live in Mercer County, New Jersey with my human Hopemarie. Now may I go back to sleep?
Hello to all, My name is Lord Cunningham and to see me is to love me. Am I not the the most beautiful cat you have ever seen? I live, with my human Susan in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark.
What's going on here Michelle? There is no tolet paper. Then Whoosh! the door flies open and Poof! a flash goes off. Hello all you cats out there My name is Big Daddy and I live in Sacramento, California. As you can see "I GET NO RESPECT". If this has happened to you E-MAIL me. Now may I finish what I am doing?
You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,
or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world" 
e-mail me a picture of your cat

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"Cats from around the world"