Hello all you cats, we are Shera and Tat. We were strays until Kerry our human took us in. we live in West Midlands, Willenhall, United Kingdom. We are very happy to be here. Our roamming days are over.
My name is Squeaker and I am so happy to be here. Nobody wanted me as a kitten until Luann found me. Look at me now, I am in the lap of luxury here in Mesa, Arizona. My human Luann calls me her "Little Baby" I love her very much.
Girls dig cats with long lashes. Hi to all you sweeties out there. My name is Maxx and my lashes draw the
ladies like cats to catnip. Here in Springfield,
Tennessee USA me and my human Mel are very happy just as long as she doesn't cut my lashes. All you ladies can meet me at my home any time.
Hi my name is "Iron Eyes"and I am from Cherokee Falls S.Carolina. You can meet my pet human at, Brats Kats
Hi world. My name is"Sugar Bear" and I have a 
wonderful pet human "Crazy". I have taught her to
how to make hats. You can meet me or my pal "Speedy" at home, be sure to ask for "Crazy".  Sugar Bear
"Sugar Bear"to my right(your left) share the same human "Crazy" here in Potomac, Illonois. My name is "Speedy". As you can see we have taught her well. We also taught her Optomitry. I think Crazy gave lessons to Elisha Speedy
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