Hi everyone my name is Max. Here I am laughing at one of my human's very, very funny stories. Robert is a very funny human. Ok Robert now do I get a tastey treat??. I live in Stony Point, New York. with my humans Robert and Karen. You can meet more of me if you want. Click here Hello I am Jozefina.I live with my human Danel in Pretoia,South Africa. You can meet me at my own web site. Click here 

Hi everyone my name is Crackers and here I am getting ready to take a nap. My human Richard lets me sleep on the bed here in Rome, Georgia. Hello all you cats out there. I am from London, England. My name is Spike Mac. My human Ricky Says I am Coolest cat in all of London. You can let Ricky know that he is right.
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"Cats from around the world"
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