Hi all you cats out there, My name is Linus and I live with our humans Feray and Dennis in Stockholm, Sweden. I would go to Feray's house with my mom to get something to eat. One day I came to eat and stayed. Now I live with Sotis and Max and Jesper and Tusse. To look at my picture one would think I just finished the canary but not so. I just had my favorite snack, pop corn with lots of butter.Hello I am Lancy and I live with my human Harriet in North Conway, New Hampshire. 

Hi everyone, you have to be real quite I am trying to sneak up on a mouse. My name is KayDee-D but my human Ross comes in and catches it right away. You have got to let him know that he has to let me catch it every once in a while!!!. Ross and I live in Tampa, Florida.  Talk about your lucky cat, I have got to have the bigest back yard you have ever seen to play in.
Hello to all, my name is Alisa and I was born in Russia but now I live with my human Tatiana in Jelenia Gora, Poland. Click HERE if You want to see more of me. It is all in Russian so get out your translators. You can right click the pictures to see a larger view.
Am I the cutest kitten you ever saw?? Hello to all, my name is Dusty and I live in Duiven, Holland with my human Marjon. You can Meet My Human if you like, but I would rather have everyone oogling me. And NO I am not doing what you think I might me doing!!! Peek-a-boo I see you!!. Hello to all, My name is Melon and I live with my human Rima in Singapore.I was born December 12, 2001. I am so special that  Rima and all her friends have promised to take my picture every year on my birthday.
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