Hello all. My name is Domino and that strange pile of orange fur to my right is Sparky. We live near Table Mountain, Cape Town, South, Africa with our humans Geoff & Lucille. You can right click any of the four pictures to view full size. Please note that I fit very well in the dogs bowl. Hello, my name is Muffin and the aristocat to my right is Thomas. We also live in Cape Town, South Africa with our humans Geoff & Lucille and Sparky and Domino. 
OK Lucky(to my right) I want you to go out for the long pass. I mean really deep!! Hello, my name is Millie and I live with my human Becky in Livingston, Alabama. I like to play pawball with Lucky.
OH no you don't Millie!!. I am not falling for that one again. The last time I went out for the long pass I was in the next county before I realized you went home with Becky laughing your wiskers off. 
My-o-my, What a wonderful day to take a nap in the garden. Hello to all, my name is Fennic and I live with my human Olita here in Hobart, Tasmania. This is a pre-recorded message; because as you can see I am busy at the moment. "Hello to all my name is Maula and I live with my Human Mercedes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
My name is Galo, Im a 2 year old male, and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina With my human Mercedes My favourite hobby is pestering Maula, who is in the pot above me.
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