Here I am just soaking up the warm rays of the sun. Hi everyone my name is Chantilly Lace and I live with my human Linda in Ontario, Canada. It is unfortunate that I have to share Linda with the two cats to my right. Hello to all, my name is Simba Cabaret. The cat I am trying to shake paws with is CY, I mean what kind of name is CY. Look at him, even when you squeeze him he is silent. Cat got your tongue CY?? Need an ID tag to remember who you are CY?? Let my human Linda know that CY has "Personality deficit syndrome" and is incurable. 
Ok! ok! you found me. Tell me now, Is there no  privacy around here anymore? Hi all you cats out there my name is Nadia Lu and I was just going to sleep when POOF off goes the flash. Of course now you can see how pretty I am. I live with my human Carol in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Hey Wait a minute!!! Please don't ship me off to Siberia. Hello all you cats out there. My name is Mittens. Please let my humans Carlin and Kathy know that cats are supposed to make happy pudding.  It just seemed to me your bare back was a good place to do it while you were sleeping. The scars will go away in time. Of course the 20 feet you jumped straight up was kind of funny.
Hello everyone my name is Ragamuffin. Now that I have finished eating it is time for a nap. I live with my human Freya in Atlanta, Georgia. The greatest city in the U.S.of A.
Hi to all. my name is Schwarz and You will notice that the grass is allways greener where I am. I live with our humans Bill & Ruth in Bay Springs, Mississippi.
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"Cats from around the world"
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