Am I not the Most Bodatiously beautiful cat you have ever seen!!! Hi everyone my name is Claire and I live with my humans Shana and Mike in  Hammond, Indiana. One day I just showed up in there yard and it was love at first sight. That was 3 years ago. Hello to all. My name is Tascha and I live with my human Kerstin in Winsen (Luhe), Germany. I am not sticking my tongue out at you, I just had something good to eat. Meet the rest of the family. 
Hello from Hong Kong. I am Long Long and to my right is Faye.
You can ask our human Annie Cho  'How can she can tell us apart'??
We also live with our human Annie Cho in Hong Kong. Hello I am Toffee and I am playing with Annie.  Jealously looking on is Salad. 

The newest arrival in Hong Kong for Annie is Jelly Baby.
Hi, we just thought you might like seeing us.  Don't you recognize us?  We just happen to be the cutest cats in the world!  I am Marmalade (the stunning strawberry blonde) with my older brother, the handsome distinguished gray haired, Rockne. Everyone should be as lucky to see such exclusive photos! We live with our humans Sarah & Rob in Midlothian, Virginia.
Hello, I am Topper and to my right is Kristopher Kringle. Kristopher was a Christmas present for me, but Valery our human thinks Kristopher was for her. What do you think? We live in St Charles, Missouri.
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"Cats from around the world"
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