This is not what you may be thinking. All I am doing is asking the bird if we can play together.
Hi my name is Garfield and I live with my humans Tor and Christine in Stavanger, Norway.
 Hi all you cats, my name is Smokey and I live with Gunlaug & Terje in Øvland,Songdalen, Norway. I am so special I have my own web page.
Would you look at Garfield up there.He is sooo embarrassing. My name is Timmy and I also live with Tor and Christine in  Stavanger, Norway. Hello. My name is Billy Boy and as you can see I am just waiting to have my belly rubbed. I live with my human Tjay in Mabalacat, in the province of Pampanga in the Philippines.
I am Effi and I live with my human Karin in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.  The sleeping beauty is Pumkin and he snores so loud that I can't sleep. Hi My name is Marvin and we live with our human Kelly in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. USA
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"Cats from around the world"
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