HELP!!... I said to my human Sherrie "How about we hang some things on the Christmas tree" Well the next thing I knew, I'm hanging on a Christmas tree. Don't even think about screwing in a light bulb. Hi, my name is Grizzabella and I live with my human Sherrie in Richmond,NSW, Australia. Hello, my name is Smokey and I live in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. with my human John. I also live with Boots the "Not as good looking cat as I am"  below me.
Ok!!  Who woke me up? OH!  Hi everyone my name is Jake and I live in Brooklyn, New York City. with my human Mary. If you are not going to pet me or groom me I am going back to sleep.  Ok up there, why not let humans deside who is the the better looking cat. Hi everyone my name is Boots and I live with Smokey the "Not as good looking cat as I am" above me. What do you think? Let John know who is the better looking cat.
WOW!! "Joe, did you see Anne do that stunt. I didn't know a human could bend like that". "I saw it Seafore, and I can't belive my eyes". "That has got to be some kind of a human world record". 
"Hokey Smokey Joe we better get out of the way. Those arms and legs are flailing around like crazy.  Anne is coming down real fast". 
"ANNE, ANNE!! are you all right,I mean that has got to really hurt. That last little spin before you landed was spectacular, can you do it again?"
Joe and Seafore live with there human Anne in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
You can also meet Anne
I know the string I am playing with doesn't look like much, but attached to the other end is my human Angela. We have a lot of fun together. Hi to all. My name is Minou and I live in Breda, The Netherlands. Hello everyone my name is Baci and I should be up with Grizzabella. Here I am looking for a treat but I think Grizzabella got the last one. Let our human Sherrie know the BOX IS EMPTY and I want a biscuit!!.
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