Aah, I am so special only a bed of flowers will do. Hi everyone my name is Freya and I live with my adopted humans the Haddad's in Amman, Jordan. You can let them know, this is:
"The Only way to treat a cat".
Oops!! looks like I got caught. This is not what you think it might be. This is not my hat. It is actually a 'SUB-ATOMIC NEGATIVELY DISCHARING PARTICLE DISPACEMENT DEVICE'. It belongs to my human Heidi I think she calls it a 'DUSTER'. Hi everyone my name is Villa and I live with my human Heidi in Copenhagen, Denmark. Let me know what you think it is.
My name is KITO and I am a female cat, I was born April 26, 1998. I live in LEUVEN, BELGIUM. In October 1999 I gave birth to 4 male kittens, you can see them on the picture. I am a happy cat and like to live here with Katelijne, she' s 32 years old and sits in a wheelchair, I like to sit there too! Every night I catch mice and I also like to sleep in the bed of Katelijne. Right click picture to enlarge.
I have my human wrapped around my paws, and I know it!  That's where humans belong, under the loving guidance of a smart cat.  My name is Moka, and I have my human Meg pretty well trained - even though I've only had her under my tutelage for a few days.  I'm rather proud of her.(as dictated to Meg by her kitten) Meg and I live in Alpena, Michigan. Let me teach you how to control a human.

Hello; we are Chica(top) and Macho and we live with our human Lisette in Alphen aan den Rijn. In the region Noord-Holland. here we are adding beneficial fertilizer to the garden. You can meet us and Lisette on our new home page. Hello to all, my name is Gus and I live with my humans Terry and Kim in Lexington, Kentucky. Now Lexington is famous for two things; Me and Fast race horses. 
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"Cats from around the world"
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