Find me if you can, Hi My name is "Pandora". If I were to close my eyes You wouldn't see me at all. The last time Laura and Craig sat down without looking; it was a month before they could sit down again. Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Purrha. You could hear there screams all over Kaiserslautern, Germany. It was very,very funny. They jumped so fast you could hear a sonic boom.

Pandora you are to much. Hi my name is Bella and I live with Pandora in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Look what I have to go through to sleep in the basket. First I have to eat all the flowers to empty it. Now Laura and Craig know why there are so many flowers growing in the kitty litter. Well you know what they say, "Poo-poo makes the flowers grow Do-Da, Bella makes them over grow Oh-Do-Da-Day". Purrha, purrha, purrha. Or in German; Schnurrenha, schnurrenha, schnurrenha.

Meet "Teddycat" all the way from
Christchurch,(Hicup)New Zealand. After a bottle of wine I see this thing trying to kiss me, after two bottles of wine it doesn't look so bad. After three bottles of wine it's love at first sight.

My name is "Urma" they tell me that "Teddycat" is my Dad but I think it maybe it's "Smiley" from "??"
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Hello my name is Nikki and here in San Leandro, California what I do best is lounge around, after all a good looking cat like myself needs plenty of beauty sleep. Let my human Shirley  know I need all my beauty sleep. All this posing for the camera wears me out. Now let me roll over and go back to sleep.
How about this scenario, I stay in the rocking chair and you let my human Shirleyknow, not to get her toes under the runners. Hi my name is Tina Maria and I live with Nikki in San Leandro, California. He sleeps all day, I rock all day. I guess you can say I rock he rolls. Let our humans know that; WE ROCK and ROLL

Twinkle, twinkle little lights on the tree burnning so bright.
Wish I may wish I might bring me lots of catnip tonight.
Hi everyone, my name is Jazzy and this is how we do a tree in Minnesota. For instructions e-mail my humans
Jim and Sandy

Would you look at me; I am still a kitten but soon I will grow up to be the biggest snowball you have ever seen. Hi my name is Rajah and I live with my human Leah in Southgate, Michigan. Can you imagine a snowball flying though the air with ears and meowing?? If you can let me know.

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