page 19
Wow!! what a great face to wake up to. NO! not your's Sue, MINE. Hi everyone my name is Lily 
and I live in Market Drayton, Shropshire, England. 
 Below is
my new son Baz
Man this is great, not a care in the world and a really nice place to play here in Liberty,South Carolina . All we need now are some names. You can e-mail our human Gina with your suggestions. The winnings names will recieve a head butt and a full body rub.
Hi Mom, This is great. Here we are together being
seen around the world. Hi my name is Baz, Sue our human thinks we are the greatest pair since shoes were invented. You can meet me and others at our own site.
Hey wait a minute!! My name is Orio. My human Nancy lets me sleep any where I want. It is true; Home is where Orio is. 
STOP THE ASSEMBLY LINES!! Marigold Miranda is here. Hello to all, I am Marigold Miranda and I live in Eastpointe, Michigan which is a part of Detroit, the car capitol of the world. Here I am posing on my human's Gym bag; Bonnie I love you but please take the socks and sneakers to the laundromat.
Tell our human Sandy WE ARE NOT STRANGE 
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"Cats from around the world"
You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,
or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world" 
e-mail me a picture of your cat
No cats or Humans or Moose have been harmed
in the constrution or posting of these pages on theW.W.W