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I guess you have heard of book worms, well I am a book cat. Hello my name is Ipek and I live with my human Sanem in Ankara, Turkey. I am trying to learn English but it's more fun playing with the books instead. I do know that my name mean "Silk" in English. ` Can you believe this? This is Emily's idea of mopping the floor. Hi everyone my name is Wilbur and I really think someone should have a little chat with Emily. They say I have to be trained!!!. I am certain that somewhere in Vancouver, BC, Canada there is a human training center. When she uses a broom I have to contantly remind her that the fuzzy end goes down.
Hi everyone my name is Doogie and I live with Shadow and my brother Teddy in Iowa. Our human Lauran takes very good care of us. In return we melt in their arms to show our appreciation. Hello, my name is Shadow and I am doing what I like best; Sleeping. Here in West Des Moines, Iowa with my human Lauran this is about as exciting as it gets.
Hi I am Teddy. Wow! is this great, all of us are being seen around the world. We are very happy to be here. Of course I would be happier if I didn't have to share the lime light with those other two. Purrha, purrha, purrha.  Well hello to all;my name is Bella and my human Trudy and I live in North bay, Ontario Canada. You will find another Bella in the "Cats From Around the World" but you will see that I am much, much prettier than she is. Also the flowers in the house are safe with me. You be the judge. Click on my picture.
You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,
or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world"
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