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OK! OK! I get teased enought about it. Hi my name is  Chi-Chi and that good looking brute to your right is my son. He is such a good boy. Here in Ramsgate, South Africa he is known as "Chi-Chi's little boy" 
Hi Mom, and hello to all in the "Cats From Around the World" community. my name is Pebbles and I get teased a lot too. They all call me a "Mommas Boy" because I live at home with my mom. You can ask my human Tersia if I'm a mommas boy or not.
Would you look at this face. I have that kind of face that just begs to be cuddled. Hello I am Perison and I live with Chi-Chi and her son Pebbles in Ramsgate, South Africa but when I use this face on our human Tersia she just melts and gives me all the love she can. You can ask  Tersia if I am her Cuddly Wuddly Wittle Wiskered Waskle.
You noticed that I am sleeping with one eye open. Hi my name is Mika and if that thing next to me moves I will chew the stuffing out of it. You can ask my humans Bärbel or Jan here in Dorsten, Germany WHAT IS IT?? I bet it is a creature from the Black Lagoon or maybe something the dog dragged in.
 Me and my new babies 08-27-2001
Hello to all. I am Suggie and the shopping bag next to me is Tija Kit Kit and We live in Tampa Bay Florida. Now let me tell ya, it is not easy living with a shopping bag that moves. All day long all I hear is this!   All you cats out there have got to tell our human Lois please LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG! All right all ready!! I know it's hard to tell where my ears leave off and my face begins. Hello my name is Cally and I live in Panama City, Florida with my human Donna.  Donna says "I am an outragously beautiful cat" and  it's kind of  eerie that I can hear things coming 2 miles away. Even right now I can hear what you are thinking.
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