Help!!, Help!! I think Liz Is going to thow me into the washing machine. I think she is going to bleach me all white.Or dye me all black ? The last time I got washed I came out as you can see, Black and White tied dyed. Purrha,Purrha,Purrha,Purrha. Hi my name is Bandit and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my human Liz.She loves me very,very much but please tell her, DON'T DO THE LAUNDRY WHEN I AM IN THE BASKET
Hello all cats out there in the cat world we are Aliester and Curt and we live in Lakeport, Michigan with our humans Dave& Marilynn. as you can see we are very happy cats. But we But we have a secret.
The third moggie in our trio is Twiggy and she is tellng me the secret about Marilynn
The secret Twiggy is telling me really (yawn) old news. Everyone. Everyone in Lakeport, Michican aready knows that Marilynn's hair piece is really Twiggy even though she tells them "I am not trying to hide a realy bad hair day with a cat" Purrha, Purrha, Purrha,Purrha.
Guten Tag!
My name is Cokkie and I am from Dorsten, Germany. The rouge  to your right is Muffin. As you can see she is a little strange. You can see by my surprised look that Muffin is going to the dogs. I think you should contact my humans Beate or Shane and let them know, Muffin is a sick, sick pussy cat. It is apauling to see a cat patronizing a D O G.
Would you listen to Cokkie over there, everyone in Dorsten knows you always have that "surprised" look because you don't have any eye brows, and besides that I like Mr."Bobbly Head" the dog. My human Beate lets me wack him around. Mr.Bobbly Head doesn't seem to mind it at all. All you other cats in the "Cats From Around the World" community If you want to wack Mr. Bobbley Head you can ask Beate or Shane. schnurrenha, schnurrenha, schnurrenha, schnurrenha.
Hi everyone I am "The Gizzy" and I have to live with those two above me. Cokkie has no eye brows, Muffin got this thing for dogs. AM I THE ONLY SANE CAT HERE??? We all know that D O G is spelled DUMB OBNOXIOUS GOONS. Purrha, purrha, purrha purrha.


Hi everyone my name is RUDI and I am "The Gizzy's" mom. I can feel for you my daughter. You are the only sane cat in the house! I think it is shameful that you have to put up with those other two. I live with my humans Bärbel and Ralf. If you think my daughter is right send her an e-mail. In the subject space type in "POOR GIZZY".
You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,
or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world"
e-mail me a picture of your cat
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