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Hi my name is Nonie (on your right)and I have a story to tell you about my brother Kitten (left). One day he wispers in my ear," I knew that if I sit next to a Thesaurus I would get real smart just by osmosis. Why just the other day our human Kellie said to me, Kitten, I am so proud of you, after 9 years you finally figured out what a litter box is for. "So I say to all you cats in the Bay Area of California contact my brother and learn how to get reel smart.
Hello my name is Snow STEFANSKI and I have a talent other cats in Adams, Massachusetts are sooo jealous of. My talent is; I speak English and Polish. Just listen to this. When I want to be fed in English,it sounds like this; "Meow meow feed me", in Polish it is "Meowski meowski feedinski meinski". It's true you can ask my human Karol (aka. Budinski)
 Yum,Yum this chair is delicious. Hi all you cats out there, my name is Babe and I am from Wainfleet, Ontario Canada. My human Ryan would like me to eat cat food but this chair is much, much better. You can ask Ryan what's in this chair that makes it so appetizing.
All right, all right !! So my human Sandi uses me as dust mop every once in awhile. Hi everyone my name is Blackberry and I live in Austin, Texas. You should see what I look like when she shakes me out. I think everyone should let Sandi know  I AM NOT FURRY DUSTER
Awe stop your whining Blackberry your lucky Sandi doesn't use you as a hand puppet. Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Hello I am Simba and I am so special that Sandi uses me as her model for some very special collars she makes for us. You can see some of these collars if you want. Let Sandi know That Simba or Dustmop (aka.Blackberry) sent you.

Hello my name is Taji and I am here by special request.I live with Simba and Blackberry with our human Sandi. As you can see I am wearing a special necklace made for me by Sandi. 
 This is really nice. Here it is a beautiful day, the grass is green,the sky is blue. I have my human Lorraine on a leash and we are enjoying the day. My name is Titania, and I really enjoy taking my human out for a stroll here in  North Yorkshire, England. All you other cats out there let me know if you take your human out for a walk also. Mabe we can start a "Walk the Humans" service. We can charge as much catnip as the market can bear. Now you can meet Lorraine and John
You can send me a photo in a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,
or inclose an International
Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world"
e-mail me a picture of your cat
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