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Hi everyone, you wouldn't know it but when my human
Suzanne found me I was very sick. My name is Heathcliff
and in my 61/2 years I managed to use up most of my 9 lives Ear and eye infections,worms, urinary tract  infections and more. I have had just about everything in a Vets dictionary at one time or another. But, Suzanne loves me so much she keeps me around. I show my love with purrs and rubs and of course my inpersonation of a Ballerina. Purrha,purrha, purrha. You can let  my Suzanne  know she has done a good thing here in Louisville,KY.
Hi everyone, We are Mila and Lotje. We are from Arnhem Holland. We are sisters. Marlon and Ricardo, our humans have gotten us in to the Christmas  spirit.  We think it's great to be a part of the"Cats From Around the World" community. What a great Christmas it is. We are reunited with our brothers in cyber space. Below are Peppi and Kikki our brothers. They live in Amsterdam. 
Hello My name is Snuggles and here I am sleeping with  my favorite pets Wacky Wabbit and Duggy Dog. My Humans Michelle, Danielle, Denise and Matt take very good care of me here in Conventry, Connecticut. in return I shed furr all over. Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Purrha, Purrha. Wow!! can you believe this; Our humans Renee and Mark were browsing the web and when they got to "Cats From Around the World" all of a sudden there they were; our sisters. We got so excited we almost peed in there laps. We are from Amsterdam, Holland. We are Peppi and Kokki and to find our siblings in cyber space made our hearts swell. It looks like Marlon and Ricardo are taking real good care of our sisters.
Hi everyone; First things first. First you have to guess how old I am ( a clue is, I am 2 years younger than my human Ines ) Second you have to guess how old Ines is.   a clue is,( Ines is 2 years older than me.) My name is Miki and I live in Maribor, Slovenia. Here I am relaxing and enjoying the moment. You can e-mail Ines to GET the ANSWER Stare into my eyes and repeat after me. "I Andrea, as my human, here by swear to be my complete slave and obey my every command. I will blindly bestow upon Bailey all the luxuries  New Zealand has to offer. To this I do by swear. You are now  under my spell.OK my first command is; Pick me up and give me a big smoochy, smooch. Purrha, purrha, purrha,purrha.

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Coupon. I will scan in your cats picture
then return the photo.
Frank Kennedy
1153 Washington Mt. Rd.
Washington, MA. 01223
From "around the world"
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