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Cats From Around the World

 I don't need a rocking chair yet. Can you believe it; I am 18 years old. Hi my name is FurryFace, my human Betty Kranzdorf  still treats me like a kitten. Here in New York City there are a lot of things to keep me active. Just thinking of all those things makes me sleepy. you can let Betty know, I'm a happy cat 
All the way from Sweden, meet
Here is what I do. First I disguise my self as a shopping bag; Then when Jeanny comes by I pounce, I am careful though because she is so small. That's ok Sammy I know you won't hurt me. But please stop tickling me when you do it. Will someone please tell our human Michael, here in Berlin, Germany  that Sammy tickles me till I pee, and will someone tell Sammy to keep his wet slobbering tongue out of my ear. It like Victoria Falls in there. Hello to all. My name is Oden MacBea and it is my pets Carol & Frank Kennedy that maintain this "Cats From Around the World" web site. Under my watchful eye they do my biddings. If they don't all I have to do is cough up a hairball on there clean sheets and they come around purty quick,
What in the heck am I doing here. I know why, I am a North American Cat bird. My real name is Dumetella carolinensis. My claim to fame is I can sound just like a cat. The only cat I fear is Smiley. Here I am in Frank's and Carol's back yard doing what I do second best; Poop Poop Dee Doo.
All the way from "??" Meet "Smiley"
Meet Cousin "Happy"

Willy up a tree

Spooky!! Hi everyone my name is Lexi and I live in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. You have got to figure out how this photo was taken. If you know Let my human Leena know that you know.

Well hello out there!! It's not so much that I am up a tree as it is that you are on the ground! My name is Willy and I love it when I can sneak past my pet Sharon. It was a pretty wild scene out here when she kept calling me and calling me. It was all I could do not to meow and give away my position. Before you could wiggle a whisker the entire town of Woodward, Oklahoma knew I was missing.

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