Judy Artioli
140 Skyline Trail Middlefield, Massachusetts. 01243
          Please call 1-413-623-6481 or  E-MAIL: JUDY ARTIOLI

Instead of hanging a painting on the wall, try laying it on the floor and walking on it. With Judy Artioli’s original hand-painted floor cloths, you can do just that.

The Middlefield artist is currently exhibiting her floor cloths along with a wide variety of paintings at the Milk House Gallery in Middlefield Massachusetts.

Floor cloths, according to Judy Artioli, originated in the 19th century. The stenciled pieces of canvas were originally used for decorative purposes, and Judy has updated that concept and created a durable, easy- to-clean work of art that can be enjoyed in a
unique way.

Most people first notice the vibrant colors of the floor cloths that appear to flow across the artist’s canvas. Whether the medium is oil, pastel, or acrylic, Judy’s ability as a natural colorist is evident in the work now on exhibit at the Milk House Gallery. 

“I’m interested in the use of color to convey personal feelings about organic nature,’’ she said. “A single image or sudden spark of my imagination will be translated onto the canvas, through flowing, ever- changing forms, sometimes with partial realism or hidden symbolism.’’

 “I don’t care about doing something that’s been done before, she said. "The idea is not to imitate, but to create".

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