Caroline Rawlins (Ritsert)
Caroline(rawlins)Ritsert Elizibeth(Heimann)Ritsert
 Caroline Rawlins 1910-11
This photo was taken in June of 1937 at Hollow Brook, Peekskill, New York (may have been called Peekskill Hollow Brook).
On the left is Carol's mother, Caroline Susan Rawlins Ritsert, who was born August 31, 1906 in New York City.
Her parents were Harry Lee Rawlins who was born approx. 1863 in England, and died February 28, 1907 in
Chicago (he resided in NYC).  Harry's parents were Henry Rawlins and Isabella Lee Rawlins from Meriden, Warwick, England.
Carol is searching her Rawlins Ancestry.  It looks like mom was dressed for some good fishing with dad!
With Caroline is her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Heimann Ritsert.